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Sterilization Policy

All instruments and handpieces (drills) used in this office are HEAT-STEAM STERILIZED in an AUTOCLAVE after each patient.  Other supplies used in your treatment are made of plastic or paper and are used only once, on you, and then disposed of.  We do not use cold sterilization (chemicals) to "sterilize" our instruments.
All instruments and handpieces (drills) are autoclaved in a manner identical to instruments in a hospital operating room:
  • The metal instrument containers, as well as the instruments and handpieces, occasionally may appear to be slightly tarnished or "corroded".  This is due to the repeated high temperature sterilization procedure they are subjected to between each patient and cannot be helped.
  • The discolorations which may appear on counter tops, plastic or upholstery items are due to the strong disinfectant solutions used after each patient.
  • All of our sterilization procedures conform to or exceed those recommended guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, A.S.H.A., and the American Dental Association.

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